Руслан Хазарзар (khazarzar) wrote in bible_college,
Руслан Хазарзар

facsimile books

S. Ephraem Syri opera: textum Syriacum Graecum Latinum
Ed. S. I. Mercat

S. Ephraim's quotations from the Gospel
Ed. F. C. Burkitt

Evangelii concordantis expositio sancto Ephraemo doctore Syro
Ed. Georgius Moesinger

Evangelienzitate in Ephräms des Syrers Kommentar zu den Paulinischen Schriften
Von Joseph Schäfers

S. Ephraim's prose refutations of Mani, Marcion, and Bardaisan
Ed. C. W. Mitchell

Epiphanius. De Gemmis
Ed. R. P. Blake & H. de Vis

The Book of Rules of Tyconius
Ed. F. C. Burkitt

Selections from Early Writers illustrative of Church History to the Time of Constantine
Ed. H. M. Gwatkin

Pauli Orosii historiarum adversum paganos libri VII
Ed. C. Zangemeister

S. Dionysii Areopagitae opera omnia quae exstant et Commentarii quibus illustrantur
Ed. J.-P. Migne

The Christian Topography of Cosmas Indicopleustes
Ed. E. O. Winstedt

The Apostolical Constitutions, or Canons of the Apostles in Coptic
Ed. Henry Tattam
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