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facsimile books

Clementis Alexandrini opera omnia
Ed. R. Klotz

Clement of Alexandria
Ed. G. W. Butterworth

Tertulliani opera omnia
Ed. Migne, Oehler, March, etc

St. Hippolytus and the Church of Rome in the Earlier Part of the Third Century
Ed. C. Wordsworth

Ωριγενους Φιλοσοφουμενα η κατα πασων αιρεσεων. Origenis Philosophumena sive omnium haeresium refutatio
Ed. Emmanuel Miller

Philosophumena, or The Refutation of all heresies
By F. Legge

Origène. Traité des Principes. 2 tomes
Éd. H. Crouzel et M. Simonetti

S. Cypriani Episcopi Carthaginensis et Martyris opera omnia
Ed. J.-P. Migne

Lactantii Firmiani Epitome divinarum institutionum
Ed. Joannes Davisius

Lucii Caecilii Firmiani Lactantii opera omnia. 2 tomes
Ed. N. L. Dufresnoy

Eusebii Caesariensis opera. 4 vols
Ed. G. Dindorfius
Thesaurus temporum Eusebii Pamphili Caesareae Palestinae episcopi, Chronicorum Canonum omnimodae historiae libri duo, interprete Hieronymo
Ed. J. J. Scaliger

De Praeparationis Evangelicae Eusebii edendae ratione
Ed. I. A. Heikel

The Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius in Syriac
Ed. W. Wright & N. McLean

Eusebius. The Ecclesiastical History. 2 vols
Ed. K. Lake & J. E. L. Oulton

Eusebius. Chronica

Eusebius and the Jewish Authors. His Citation Technique in an Apologetic Context
By Sabrina Inowlocki
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