Руслан Хазарзар (khazarzar) wrote in bible_college,
Руслан Хазарзар

facsimile books

Apocrypha Syriaca
Ed. A. S. Lewis

Acta mythologica apostolorum (HS 3)
Ed. A. S. Lewis

The Mythological Acts of the Apostles (HS 4)
Ed. A. S. Lewis

Die Apokryphen Apostelgeschichten und Apostellegenden
Hrsg. R. A. Lipsius

Anecdota sacra et profana ex oriente et occidente allata sive
Ed. C. Tischendorf

Apocrypha anecdota
Ed. M. R. James

Coptic Apocrypha in the Dialect of Upper Egypt
Ed. E. A. Wallis Budge

Legends of our Lady Mary the Perpetual Virgin and Her Mother Hanna

Апокрифические тексты
Ред. П. А. Лавров

The Apocryphal New Testament
Ed. J. K. Elliott

The Gospel of Barnabas
Ed. Lonsdale & Laura Ragg

Apocrypha Arabica
Ed. M. D. Gibson
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