Руслан Хазарзар (khazarzar) wrote in bible_college,
Руслан Хазарзар

facsimile books

Λογια Ιησου. Sayings of our Lord from an Early Greek Papyrus
Ed. B. P. Grenfell & A. S. Hunt

The Unwritten Sayings of Christ
Ed. C. G. Griffinhoofe

New Sayings of Jesus and Fragment of a Lost Gospel from Oxyrhynchus
Ed. B. P. Grenfell, L. W. Drexel, and A. S. Hunt

The Oxyrhynchus Sayings of Jesus
Ed. Charles Taylor

Paralipomena: remains of Gospels and Sayings of Christ
Ed. Bernhard Pick

The Sayings of Jesus from Oxyrhynchus
Ed. H. G. Evelyn White

The Sayings of Jesus Nazareth
Ed. J. A. Robertson

Logia et agrapha domini Jesu apud Moslemicos scriptores
Edidit Michaёl Asin et Palacios
Fasciculus prior
Fasciculus alter

Незаписанные в Евангелии изречения Христа-Спасителя и новооткрытые изречения Его Λογια Ιησου
Ред. А. П. Лопухин.

Ред. М. А. Таубе
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